Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aside from the horrible inversion, we ride on! (well only if it isn't too poisoness)

Pollution stinks... Literally. Where is the air quality the worst in the nation? Not in L.A. no sirree. Right in the middle of Utah County! The best part is, is half the people don't even realize they are causing it by driving in their cars! (We have no factories here, no major airports, no major constructions sites!) It's just plain ole car pollution, well, and the fact that there has been like zero wind.  I forgive you all who won't car pool!

In other wonderful matters.  Ren and I have been taking the bus (to avoid said smogginess)! I tell you that thing is awesome! I will go over my top ten perks of taking the bus.

1. No road rage, somebody else gets to deal with that garbage.
2. The bus comes by my house every 20 min ! It's like my own private chauffeur!
3. Ren loves, LOVes LOVES the bus.  She can see out the window and talk to strangers and smear her face on the window.  All the things she would not get to do in a car.
4. People watching.
5. Nature watching
6. Front-al bike racks. For the days Dad rides and we pick him up for some quality relax time.
7. Did I mention it requires no insurance, no wash, no maintenance, just $2.25 for a 3 hour pass. Heaven.
8. No middle console.  I can sit right up next to my hubby and stare into his wonderful eyes, with no fear of crashing.  Ahhh all the things Cake sang about.  
9. I heart bus drivers! They are so nice and super helpful.  It could help that I have the cutest accessory, REN!
10. Oh ya it does kinda help the environment. ONE LESS CAR BABY!

Man I just love that Cake song. I would take that song out to dinner, then back to my place. And then I would totally marry it! wait.. first marry then back to my place. 

Zac also got a new ride over the break.  Ya baby.  Well it's a new old ride. But it is still super sexy.  
Check it out for yourself.

Of course Renners loves it!

It's a 2 speed kick back Schwinn Racer.  He repainted it and cleaned it up. Put new grips on and he finally got a sexy new Brooks saddle which he has been in love with since the time he first knew about bikes when he was 2! Well maybe not 2 but at least 10. He also scored this rockin basket from our Bicycling buddies. It fits Ren perfectly.  As you can see she loves it. I also love it cuz it means I get the xtracycle! I love love loves that bike.  It is so smooth and I can't even tell when it is loaded down with a weeks worth of groceries. Ahhh, that bicycle is the life. I bless xtracycle with many more years of awesome service and good fortune!

And to all my southern Nevada readers I hear the weather ROCKS down their so get on your bikes and ride!

Happy Riding!

OH ya one more goodness from Queen.