Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Random (bicycle) Facts about me.

1. I LOVE riding my bike in a skirt! I just feel so empowered. Like I can do anything!
2. I will Never  own enough bikes.  ( I have 4 now!)
3. I want to ride BMX when I grow up.  Everytime we are in a bike shop I ask Zac to buy me a BMX bike. He of course never does but says 'someday'.  So I know there is hope!
4. My 2 favorite bicycling movie moments are:
      'The Muppet Movie' when Kermit jumps off his Schwinn out of the way of an oncoming paver and says  "If Frogs couldn't leap I'd be gone with the Schwinn". Classic line.
     'Monster House'. That cute little blonde girl with her red tricycle.  She says 'hello tree, hello fence, hello leaves!' Darling darling.
5.  My 2 best bicycle moments 
            1. The other night we rode home from a friends house and it started to rain.  Zac stopped the bikes and we kissed in the rain.  I know totally mushy but I am allowed to be a silly romantic sometimes!
            2.  Zac rides us to church every Sunday on the xtracycle.  Ren loves to have the wind blow in her hair and she leans over so she can see past Zac. It makes me feel that even though sometimes things can get tough I can still be Happy and can still have peace.

~Happy Riding~

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bikes verses Bugs

Oh the bane of my simple existence: Being attacked by bugs while I ride.  I mean come on it's bad enough when you are in your car and they come in thru the open windows, at least they usually fly to the back of the car and you have time to pull yourself together and get the car to the side of the road and do a crazy dance trying to get the bug out, right? 
This is definitely not so when you ride.  First off-bug to bike speed ratio is pretty close to the same.  Sometimes those suckers can even school me. But once they get a good sniff of my perspiration or whatever, they think it is open season! They pull up right in front of you and Keep your pace.  What is that!?! They just mozy on in like "Hello can I do you for a sting or maybe a bite? I ain't picky."   BAHH   I inevitably start freaking out waving my arms and swerving which is not so safe on a bike (well even a car for that matter). I also have this other trick I use.  I usually start blowing air at them.  Weird I know but sometimes that extra gush sends them on their way.  Really I must look like a lunatic.  Like those people who from far away look like they are having a seizure but if you were in there shoes you would know that it was just a bug chasing them.  Ya that would be me!
I have tried to stop this habit but to no avail.  I am plagued with being some insects next snack. My husband thinks I am hilarious.  He used to get really frustrated with me because I would usually let out a little shriek.  He would look back quickly thinking I had just wrecked or something.  Then he would get really mad at me for scaring him.  I wish he had more faith in my bicycle skills, but I don't blame him. When we first got married I wrecked on my bike but instead of catching myself with my hands palm down. Somehow they got turned around and they have scrapes on the upside.  And then there was my face.  Yea I totally had road rash on one side of my face!! Seriously people.  I felt like the biggest dork! Come on, WHO lands on their face???? Apparently me.  So you can see why his faith in me is a little shaken, anyway I digress. 
Back to the bugs.  Yesterday I went thru a spider web and that little spider was just fling along on my side hanging on for dear life.  Good thing he was little.  I tried the blow trick but no luck so I had to let him land on my skirt and then gave him a quick little flick and he was on his merry little way.  I wish it was that easy with bees! Luckily though I have yet to be stung, bitten, protrubed or any such other thing, knock on wood.  

 Maybe those bugs just wanna be my friends?  maybe

One of said bug days but totally worth the family funness!

Happy Riding