Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Random (bicycle) Facts about me.

1. I LOVE riding my bike in a skirt! I just feel so empowered. Like I can do anything!
2. I will Never  own enough bikes.  ( I have 4 now!)
3. I want to ride BMX when I grow up.  Everytime we are in a bike shop I ask Zac to buy me a BMX bike. He of course never does but says 'someday'.  So I know there is hope!
4. My 2 favorite bicycling movie moments are:
      'The Muppet Movie' when Kermit jumps off his Schwinn out of the way of an oncoming paver and says  "If Frogs couldn't leap I'd be gone with the Schwinn". Classic line.
     'Monster House'. That cute little blonde girl with her red tricycle.  She says 'hello tree, hello fence, hello leaves!' Darling darling.
5.  My 2 best bicycle moments 
            1. The other night we rode home from a friends house and it started to rain.  Zac stopped the bikes and we kissed in the rain.  I know totally mushy but I am allowed to be a silly romantic sometimes!
            2.  Zac rides us to church every Sunday on the xtracycle.  Ren loves to have the wind blow in her hair and she leans over so she can see past Zac. It makes me feel that even though sometimes things can get tough I can still be Happy and can still have peace.

~Happy Riding~


Nelson Family said...

Awww! Too cute, I loved your post!

So Lara has a baby annoucement on her page that says you had a baby named Karen on December 15, 2007. Is that Ren's real name or am I missing something?

Oh and thank goodness for the end of summer. It was 103 yesterday and I was like "oh thats not bad. Wait, yuck, what am I saying!" We were totally spoiled by living in Reno for 3 years and now I don't think I'll ever get used to the heat again!

Nelson Family said...

That's so great that you named Ren after your mom. Ren is cool name and Karen has the sentimental value so she's got two great names!

I hope you don't think I'm dumb for asking. I just thought.. what? Its Ren... wait does Krysta have two daughters...?

BTW - I love that blue bike!

Sheila said...

you are way too cute for words.
Love ya. ToOdLeS.

The Heizzys said...

Girl you need to update this thing soon...anyway I tagged you on my last post, have fun!

Allie Hite said...

Oh my gosh...I heart you! Seriously, I love reading your blog cuz I can just picture you in my mind doing all the things that you describe!