Monday, April 28, 2008

Today is the greatest day I've ever had!

So Zachary my darling husband took off a half day of work to have lunch at the park with me. What a beautiful day it has been. The weather has finally turned around.  Yea! (We are not holding our breath though) It is so beautiful to get out as a family and to be with one another. We went to the post office and saw people we knew. We got to talk about the xtracycle(always a pleasure) and watch Ren enjoy the river and the birds.  

We also got to use the xtracycle for a picnic table as well!

So much fun. We figured that last week I rode about 90 miles including my work commute and a trip 30 mile trip this weekend.  What a great weekend. Saturday morning we loaded the laundry on the xtracycle and headed out to the laundry mat. As we were traveling down the hill we saw what we thought was some water on the path. It was 8 in the morning so we didn't think it was ice.  Well it was.  Dale took a spill first. Then Zac turned and yelled "ICE" to me.  He went down sliding for about 7 ft. While I was watching him I realized I was going down.  We both got up and checked first, the baby.  She was perfectly alright sleeping great and hadn't even been jarred.  Thank you Chariot!
We checked Dale and the bikes and the laundry (didn't budge either) and all was well. We said a quick prayer of gratitude and headed right back down the mountain.

Me reenacting Zacs fall. Notice the gash in the ice. That is from the bike skidding on it's side. Nice. Other than this crash the rest of the day went pretty uneventful.  We did enjoy some beautiful weather on our Saturday. Today though was so beautiful. I love my family and being out in God's creations.  I will miss this beautiful place that we have been so fortunate to live. Maybe someday we will find a place like this again.  

Dale, the laundry and Ren. 

Me and Zac first day on the xtra.


Neil & Lara said...

I love Ren's face! Her smile is beautiful! I am so glad that you guys weren't hurt on the ice. How scary! Love and miss you tons!

Kurt & Kortney Tobler said...

Hi Krista!! I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think you are!! Seriously...I love that you guys ride your bikes everywhere!! I'm jealous. You are going to be so smokin hot after all of that bike riding :) Well, congrats with your new little girl, she is beautiful! I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I'm just looking for familar faces! Glad to have found some!

Nelson Family said...

You have a beautiful baby!

John Garrish said...

hi there -- is it ok if i post your Xtracycle pictures on my blog?

naturally will attribute and so forth. let me know where you prefer i link.

thanks in advance!!