Friday, July 18, 2008


I miss Idaho! 
Can you ever have to many bikes? 
Seriously everytime I see a cool one I just want to get it!
I already have 3 bikes!
Ha but they cost less than your car! Thats not mean is it?


  Happy Riding

 If I were a color I'd be sea green.


The Monk(eys) said...

Okay I can't even afford one! i bought my little boy that think & I have NO bike! So dumb huh? So I've been looking for a bike and LOVE Schwinn. I don't like the kind were the handle bars are level with the seat. I like the old school look. I am totally jealous of you owning 3 bikes!

Allie Hite said...
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Allie Hite said...

I messed up the spelling on the last comment and I have to remove it. I just said that I had never looked at your blo before and that I found it on google when I searched under bike blogs, krysta and zach. I liked the picture of the fall!