Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So the title may sound a little aggravated or aggressive, and it is meant to. In the last 48hrs i have almost been hit about 6 times and i don't mean the car did not see me and i just cruised by i mean swerving to avoid collision, and yesterday being run off the road by a white truck. Yesterday i am riding down 500w minding my own business and hugging the shoulder as any one who has ridden 5th knows you must because there is no bike lane and for about a half a mile there is barely even a shoulder. As i am coming out of the no shoulder part of the road and looking at the mecca that is the emergency lane in front of me this white truck decides to cut me off and make a right turn trapping me between him and the curb thanks to the bicycle gods i was sparred. I can however assure you that i made that weird war cry when you are really angry and confused so you cant make out intelligible sound you just yell something like AHHHMAKEDOFG!!!!!. I am sure that taught him a lesson even though i highly doubt he heard it. I do know that he heard me hit the side of his truck like the hammer of Thor. Now i do not condone violence it really does not get us anywhere but it was that or get run over, i chose the first. All of these incidents especially the almost death one remind me of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the book not the movie. In the book there is a part where an alien space ship lands on earth but nobody sees it, we find out that it is not invisible because that is  impossible, but it dose have a SEP (somebody elses problem) field and because the idea of a space ship landing on earth is so outlandish with the field on nobody sees it. So along with every bicycle purchase i decided they must just throw one of these babies on because it is so outlandish to so many drivers that a bike would be on the road we are allot of times invisible, or at the very least somebody elses problem. So ride smart ride alert and if you drive keep your eyes open bicyclist are out there and if the current trend is anything to go by, there will only be more and more, so lets try to all get along. 
Although all of this is scary and crazy i am realy lucky to not be this guy we should keep him in our thoughts and prayers.


[Somebody Loved] said...

fuNNY... NOT
that you would post this.

Today Yvette called from Logan and she said 'Mom, guess what?' 'This guy just about killed this girl on a bicycle... she was totally shaken about it.

Hey out there...
all of us driving 4 wheels down the road...let's be considerate of those of us out there on the same streets pedaling 2 (or sometimes more) wheels around town.


McKette said...

That is really scary. You are much more calm than me because I probably would have flipped him off.

Nelson Family said...

Dustin used to ride his bike around school at UNR. He was about to get on the road and he got run over!! The stupid lady was on a cell phone! She didn't even get of the phone and out of her car til she was done talking. Dustin had to literally pull his bike out from under her car before she even acknoweldged him! Crazy drivers. I'm glad your ok!