Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adventure Dump

So my buddy Brad over at bikeuv.org made a really nice post about me and Krysta. Then gave me a guilt trip on how I never write on my blog so this is in response to his request since i have a spare minute from school thanks to Turkey Day. This blog has always been dedicated to the bicycle and all of its simple and supple pleasures so what follows is a photo representation of our little adventures around Provo that are only possible because of our bikes.

This above photo is one of our newest purchases even though the picture is kind of sad these are two pristine, matching, boys and girls, Schwinn Collegiates. Some nights me and Krysta just geek out on bicycle stuff and search through the Internet for new information or new bikes/bike makers this also is followed by searches on Craigslist and KSL, on one of these geeky nights we found these two babies for $40 total that's right $40 I was       skeptical becausethese bikes are worth way more but, I called the guy and went to his house the next morning, he opened the garage and I fell in love. He said him and his wife were the original owners they bought them back in 74 and he just wanted to make sure they would be ridden I gave him my word that they would be. Then I proceeded to amaze him when I hooked them up to the Xtracycle. When I came home it was to a very excited wife.
To get the story on the tandem see below. This is our Schwinn tandem (we are not Schwinn freaks it just happens that we have gotten these bikes in the last little while). This bike is great because it helped us go on an awesome ride with our friends Todd and Pam. Pam was a little nervous to ride bikes so I told her we would set her up on the tandem and she would not have to worry about anything. After some close to home riding she was convinced and we went out on an awesome ride which led to an awesome Halloween ride using the same bike.
This is our other wonderful friend (we are blessed to have so many), Pippi. Pippi and Karl wanted to go for sushi and, who are we to argue half off sushi, but instead of drive we rode, and as can be seen it was a blast. Karl and Pippi rode our Electra cruisers. This ride also led to another ride to the lake then to Del Taco and home it was a pretty epic ride and these two kept up and had fun the whole way. Yeah for the converting power of bicycles.
Here is our wonderful tandem that I bought for my beautiful wife Krysta, for our one year anniversary. It was stored at a friends house for like a year while we were in Idaho and we just went up there to claim it a little while ago. As you can see there is no limit to the Xtracycle I rode it like this for over two miles with no problems and allot of looks. The tandem needs some work but since coming home it is getting ridden allot and turns out it is a great ambassador for the non bicycle inclined.
This is one of my favorite pictures not because I am in it, but because this is me moving my house by bike!!!!!! I was so stoked to do this, we had allot of help from my buddy Todd and his car but, i ended up moving a third by bike so i was really happy. In other places they move every thing by bicycle. But, i only know one other cargo bike and that is Brad and his awesome Bakfiets, and since I did not want to bother him I had all the fun to myself. 

I guess what I am trying to say with all these pictures and words is, bicycles are awesome, and riding all the time or just going on a cruise with friends and family is a fun and rewarding way to have some simple adventures. There is so much to do in our backyards if we can look at it with that same type of imagination we used to have before we could drive, before we got so busy with getting here or there. So, get out and ride, even if you need to dust off the saddle to that bike that has been sitting in the garage, take it for a spin, you will not be disappointed.

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