Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanks for all the fish.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments.  I'm much calmer now ;) In a perfect world we wouldn't have to worry, then again would it be so perfect.  Someday though it may be much safer.  Zac and I totally want to move to Europe. Zac keeps talking about how we should move to Amsterdam.  I couldn't agree more!  I bet it is so quiet there.  Hopefully with what he has chosen for school we will get the opportunity to live abroad and experience different bike cultures.  Check out this website for the zen that is Copenhagen  and I 'll end this with some lovely bike pics.

Provo River Trail on the tandem
Lovely European bike (sorry it's like 100 years old) PS those bikes still look the same. That is the genius of their engineering.

Bikes and their death machine equivalents

Happy Riding


[Somebody Loved] said...

Isn't sad that we in the USA just don't bike around like people in other countries? We live in a 'we want it now' society. We would be much healthier and it would help out with the complexing problem of using so much oil in this country. Bikes don't add to the ozone problem we have either.

The NELSON Family said...

I just read your last post. Bummer man. Hope that things are better. What is Zach's major?

Collin and Lori said...

Krysta!!! I was with Emily last night and she told me she ran into you. She said you had a blog all about bikes and I just laughed and thought "that is so Krysta" Anyway, I had to check it out and say hello! It looks like things are going great for you. Your little girl is really cute. Lori Holmberg (Brown)

Raegan said...

Krysta I am so glad I found you!
Don has totally been hit on his bike before. It was in Las Vegas & by a semi-truck. Luckily he was ok & the bike survived. People should be required to ride a bike everywhere they go for one entire day before they are given a license to operate a vehicle.