Friday, June 13, 2008

Hauling stuff with bikes

Zac and I really have come to love our bikes so much.  I am amazed everyday with what we can do.  I am very grateful for the wonders that have been built to make our bicycling lifestyle easier. Namely 2 items the xtracycle and the chariot.  I am not saying that you have to have these things specifically but the wonders that they have done for us are very numerous.  

Zac and the xtra and our bike trailer carrying Rens new book case.  ($10 yard sale find! Ya)
Laundry, grocery, Dale and Ren carrier.

Headboard and carseat carrier.

This was meant for tech stuff but that didn't pan out.  Still great set up for hauling small stuff.
 Plus bikes have opened up a lot of opportunities for us to meet new people. Saturday we hit up the Provo farmers market.  Which is wonderful and we get to meet like minded people. We met a really great lady and hopefully talked her into riding her bike more! She is already great about it, but still looking into going bike dependant.  It is always neat to meet other people who choose alternative methods other than cars.  It's fun to learn new things and share stories and ideas. We really have noticed a change in our attitudes I guess you could say.  We no longer are in a hurry.  I definitely don't have road rage anymore.  We get to enjoy not only one anothers company but we meet new people and we see new things everyday.  It's fabulous! I like having a sense of community, understanding and knowing your neighbors. It always opens opportunities to serve people and often times to share the gospel. Big bonuses in my book.  Sunday of course was Father's day.  A very wonderful day.  We rode the xtracycle to church with 2 paniers full of Father's day cookies.  It was so much fun.  Ren gets a kick out of having the wind blow on her face, and I love the reactions on peoples faces when they see me riding on the back of the bike.  Priceless! Anyway think about riding a bike! Try it you might like it, plus you can just do it for fun or excersize.  Just do it cuz it feels soooo good!


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Nelson Family said...

Oh my goodness - gas is so expensive in Logandale. I want to cry. Dustin has to commute to Las Vegas! He actually rides his motorcycle sometimes and that saves us a little but oh to be car free! I'm so jealous.. but I think I would miss the A/C!