Monday, June 9, 2008

It's easy! Just try it once!

We have some really wonderful friends. These 2 other couples only have one vehicle between each couple.  I am pleased to say that they are both using alternative transportation and only minimally using their cars.  This brings a smile to my face.  Every chance my husband and I have we try to get them on bikes.  The other day we needed some things from the store (only 3 blocks away) so I took my friend and the xtracycle to the store.  She was super nervous to ride because she hadn't been on a bike for years. She did fabulous! We hadn't even gone even a block and she turned to me and said "This is absolutely wonderful! I need to get a bike!". Chalk one up for another bicycle conversion.  Conversion isn't even the correct word because we were all in love with bikes when we were younger right?  Who didn't love the first time that there dad took their training wheels off! Think back.  A little bit farther. There it is. That wonderful moment.  Freeze and keep it right there in the front. Don't let it go. Now imagine having that feeling everyday, or even once a week! Oh absolutely wonderful.   Just makes me smile.  

Take the time.  Ride a bike.  Remember how good it feels! Just around the block or around the driveway! Take the kids along.  Share a smile!



bottom_of_the_mirror said...

I also remember quite a few times tasting gravel, but maybe that is just because I would get distracted by things and forget to actually look where I was going. I wish we lived in a place that wasn't so hot so we could have a bike. I will just have to settle for the gym bike.*sigh*

Sheila said...

The last time I rode a bikd here in Moapa I was almost killed. Tony still rides his once in awhile. i just got a treadmill... but I totally love that you ride your bike everywhere. Don't know if you got my other comment... e.mail me sometime if you get a chance.
toodles, Sheila