Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oil prices?


Wow so I can't help but follow articles that talk about rising oil prices.  I know I really have no need because we don't have a car.  But I feel we still need to stay informed.  Oil prices have a significant effect on many things in our economy and I feel that sometimes many of us forget that our groceries and milk come from other places besides the shelf of a grocery store or even behind the grocery store.  You know they don't milk cows out back!  I was recently in a grocery store and a woman was protesting very loudly about the rising price of milk.  Remember that now Deisel trucks are paying 2x the amount they paid last summer! That is a huge increase.  Last year they paid $300 dollars per tank of gas now what is it at least $600! No wonder our food costs have gone up. Not to mention produce and other things.  I think it makes a person step back and really evaluate there part in a community. 
One thing that I have noticed recently is an abundance of gardens! I love seeing people just take a small plot of land in their yard and start a garden. Many of these gardens are no more than 10x15 or so.  But they are combating those high prices by becoming self sufficiant.  Kudos to all of you who have heeded the counsel of your leaders or who just plain love to garden!  
Anyway back to oil prices.  I found  a little blurg the other day about how many people were looking to find alternative ways to work. Even if you have a long/hot/dangerous commute, you can still car pool! Fun you get to have a conversation with someone besides the disc jockey.  Car pooling to the store is just as fun! Any who I recently saw some articiles that mention how many fewer miles America is driving this year (here).  It is an overwhelming number! Well to me anyway.  I know my husband and I cut our miles down considerably from last year.  We put 18,000 miles on our vehicle in a year! and that was without driving for 5 months! Needless to say we haven't seen our family much this year :( But you do what you can. Hopefully you all are thinking twice when taking a quick trip in the car. Let's all contribute to the lowering of Americas highway miles by buying local and supporting our friends.  
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.




Sheila said...

there are a whole lot more cars as the turn out on the way to Logandale... so we must have some carpoolers here... i just wish we could eliminate SUV's they are BIG gas hogs!!!! and everyone i see driving them must have an unlimited amount of cash... cause they seem to like the 90 mph speed.
keep pedaling. i am in awe... we are going to be as efficent as we can at our house... it's tough being so far away from everything, but we plan our trips.

The Monk(eys) said...

My little boy is turning 6 in July and I'm already exposing him to bike riding. Look up the -wee rider co-pilot child trainer. Your little girl will love it when she gets older. Kids naturally love to ride and like you said-it brings back memories as an adult.

Jessica said...

Hey Krysta! Just wanted to say hi. Little Ren is such a doll!