Sunday, September 21, 2008

For the Love of Bikes 2 (1 to come shortly)

Most of you know just how much Zac and ILOVE bikes.  We especially love collecting them.  If you went to Zac's parents home in Nevada and walked into their mesquite trees all you would find is bikes.  Tons and hundreds of bikes.  I am amazed each time we go home. Well anyway the other day I was coming home from an activity and we stopped at a members house. They were giving away things because they were moving. I role up with my friend and the First thing I spot is a bicycle.  I kindly ask the older gentleman if they are giving it away and BAMM-O  I score myself a rocking bike.  The man then says "check out the bike we got in the garage" and score-a-roony!  We land ourselves another bike!!!  I ran home and grabbed Zac and he brought them home on the xtracycle.  Happy Dances then commenced and my new project for the week is cleaning them bikes up.  Now we have enough bikes for our friends and family to ride when they come to visit!  

The 2 new bikes we scored!!

Zac's folding Bianci (pure awesomeness!)

This is our posse of bicycles! (9 total at our house though only 4 are in working order)

This is one of Ren because I just love her little face!!!

~Happy Riding~


[Somebody Loved] said...

Your little Ren... is darling.


The Heizzys said...

You guys need to get a garage for all your bikes! Yikes! I am glad you got some more! Oh and Ren is a doll! Miss ya!

Nate and Felicia Thomson said...

That is awesome! Your daughter is so cute! That is the first time I have seen a picture up close. She is a cutie!

Nelson Family said...

Ren is gonna learn how to ride a bike before she can walk! Oh wait is she already walking??
Anyway, how does that folding bike work? Craziness!!!

Nelson Family said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!
You're gonna love Pride and Prejudice!! Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

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