Monday, September 29, 2008

Part Uno ( a little bit later)

So I was totally going to let Zac finish this wonderful amazing post up....but he is always super busy with school these days and when he gets a chance to get on the computer he would much rather check out other bicycling websites.  ( I don't blame him, it's fun!)  Anyway, on to the delicious fun we have been having on the Bicycles .   

So as most of you know Zac and I no longer have a car.  *gasp* ;)   So any way we have to take alternative forms of transportation if we go on trips or anywhere that is over 30 miles.  Dum dum duuum! The beginning of a wonderful adventure!   

Anyway we lived in Idaho and we had a room-mate from Peru for a few months.  He was wonderful, kind and generous.  He was later baptized and is a very dear friend.  He was to come down from Idaho last weekend and meet us in Salt Lake.  Double Yea!!  We were so excited to see him and sooo excited to get to ride TRAX. Our trip started out with a little bus ride to Zac's campus.  Which of course Ren loved.  Not sure if I mentioned previously how much Ren enjoys the bus.  Well she thinks it's the  We met Zac at school and we loaded the xtracycle on the front of the bus and headed for Salt Lake.  The bus was super packed! ( I did a Happy Dance in my heart!)  When we got off the bus I was expecting to board another bus. Nope-r we got to ride Trax!  Which is the shuttle train between Sandy and Salt Lake, and I believe it goes north to Ogden(?). 

We loaded the bike on with us this time!

We got off at the Gateway Mall in Down town Salt Lake.  It was a really fun ride.  Quick and not to jerky.  Our friend unfortunatly was not able to meet us so we headed back to Sandy and hit up 5 Guy Burgers  and then headed to the R.E.I. and rock gym.  A little shout out to 5 Guys.  If you ever get the chance to eat there DO IT.  So wonderful.  They have the best fries with malt vinegar.  So delicious.  It's like the east coast In n Out.  (but I think it's better than In n Out,  shhh don't tell 'em.)

We totally rocked the xtracycle around Sandy inbetween bus stops!  It was so much fun.  As far as we know Zac and I and one other person in Salt Lake have an xtracycle in this area, so you can imagine peoples faces when they see us riding by with little Ren. Classics! 
All in all we had a really great time.  Our trip didn't take any longer than riding in a car and we didn't have to worry about down town SLC parking or yucky Friday night traffic jams! It was a really great afternoon spent together.

~Happy Riding~


Nelson Family said...

You are too funny! I'm glad you're posting more lately. Ren is so cute you need to brag her up a little!

[Somebody Loved] said...

Little Ren is such a cutie-pie. Nice smile like her Mommy too.