Wednesday, October 8, 2008

8 Bicycling Things (I couldn't pass this up 8 is my favorite number)

8 Bicycling Things...

Eight T.V. shows I love to watch that have great bicycling scenes:

1- The Office  Season 3 Benihana Christmas
2- Flight of the Concords  Season 1  Episode 7 "to many mother *%^7uckers
3- 30 Rock  Season 1   I'm pretty sure it's episode 1 or 2 Kenneth ride his bike
4- Gilmore Girls   Season 7 Loralie's Jeep goes kaput and she rides her cruiser to work! Right on!

5- That is the extent of my TV viewing because we don't have TV we just get shows from our friends



Favorite Places to Eat that we ride our bike to!
1- Demae Sushi
2- Joe Veras Mexican Restaurant
3- Gandolfo's
4- Rice King
5- Dell Taco
6- Deigo's Taco stand
7- Sensuous Sandwich
8- Sammy's

(basically every restaurant on this list is off of Center Street in Provo. (They just happen to have the most amazing variety and we still haven't tried Korean, Peruvian, and Indian yet!)

Eight Bicycling Things that happened yesterday:
1- Went to Residential Manager training
2- Fixed Ren's Chariot to be safer for her
3- Road to Sushi
4- Then to Gelato (so yummy!)
5- Road to old house with friends
6- Showed off our cool blinking tail lights and did a dance
7- Zac fixed our neighbors bikes
8- We road home and it was 9:00 AND freezing!  and Yes of course I was in a skirt!

Eight Bike Things I look forward to:
1- Having more Bikes!!
2- Having more kids riding on our bikes
3- People voting against off shore drilling and instead using alternative forms of transportation and fueling!
4- More People riding bikes!!
5- Having bikes be our main form of decoration!  oh wait it is ;)
6- REN RIDING A BIKE   It Will be a great day in the Whitmore home!
7- Zac having every bike he ever wanted
8- People not thinking we are crazy for not having a car  (look around the world peeps! millions of us do it every day!)

Eight Bike Things I love about Fall:
1- Crunching leaves with my tires!!!
2- The smell of damp leaves in the gutter.
3- The Provo River Trail canopied by the fall leaves falling down (this the most magical thing I know!)
5- Weather (I don't nearly sweat as much)
6- Warm biking sweaters
7- Zac riding his bike in a scarf with bonus facial hair!
8- EVERYTHING of course! It's the FALL the most wonderful time of the year!

Eight bicycles on my wish list:
1- Gary Fisher Simple City 8
2- Dutch Bike
3- My very own xtracycle
4- Zac every Vanilla Cycle he wants
5- Ren a trike
6- Zac an original Schwinn stingray
7- That we could do an epic bike trip like highway one or across the US
8- That all our bikes would be fixed


[Somebody Loved] said...

I just saw a lady on Oprah that takes her whole family places on bikes. He two older ones on their own... and she pedals around three. I love that people are tired of the prices at the pumps and the bicycle idea sure is a great way to beat that.

Wendy said...

I found your blog and I'm so excited! You have totally inspired me to go bike riding this weekend. I have to say Southern California has much better biking weather than Utah, but I love that you love autumn and bikes. You make me so happy. Yay for finding Krysta's blog!